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CFP: War and Philosophy – Journal of Continental Philosophy

“What is a state of war? What is a civil war? And if the death penalty is 
abolished within a country in peacetime, what is going to define the enemy, the 
public enemy, as Rousseau says, and wartime? External war and civil war? I 
leave in reserve here what stands at the heart of the problem: not only the 
definition of the exception, of the state of exception, but of war and the 
state of war.” (Jacques Derrida, The Death Penalty, Vol. I, pp. 125–6)
“What is a state of war?” The phrase suggests at least two things: a condition 
of war, or a state which wars. War is defined in statutes, conventions, 
constitutions. Just as Derrida’s meditations on the death penalty situate it at 
the centre of philosophy, so war might occupy a central role in understanding 
contemporary societies and life. What is it? Where is it? How does it 
constitute a state? How do philosophy and art respond to this condition?

Contributions addressing these questions are welcome: scholarly articles 
(including translations), interviews, round table discussions, works of 
Manuscripts should be no longer than 10,000 words (excluding footnotes). Please 
refer to this link<> for more 
details on submissions guidelines.
Submissions deadline: April 28, 2023. Please send submissions and proposals to:<>

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