Hi everyone,

This week’s speaker in the University of Sydney Philosophy Seminar Series is 
Shang Long (NUS/Monash).

The title of Shang’s talk is “The Individual Goods of Attention and How to 
Distribute Them”. Here’s the abstract for Shang’s talk:

We live in an age where attention is a central commodity – where social media 
companies like TikTok and Facebook take this attention as a product to be sold 
to interested buyers, and where attention is inextricably tied up with 
knowledge work (such as that of programmers, architects, and academics). While 
the economics and psychology of attention are well-explored, philosophers have 
only recently started thinking systematically about the ethics and political 
philosophy of attention. In this talk, I hope to contribute to this project: 
first, I argue that there are two distinct goods associated with attention – 
what I call attentional resources and attentional receipts – which have quite 
different normative profiles. Secondly, I argue from the nature of these goods 
to the appropriate rules for distributing them – a libertarian rule and a 
sufficientarian-plus-desert rule respectively – and trace out some normative 
implications for real-world cases.

The talk will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of May at 3:30 p.m. in the 
Philosophy Seminar Room (N494) in the Quadrangle and will be simulcast via 
Zoom: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/88699564848.

The talk will be followed by drinks and informal discussion at a nearby venue. 
All welcome!

Enquiries about the seminar series can be directed to 

Ryan Cox
Associate Lecturer in Philosophy
Discipline of Philosophy
School of Humanities
University of Sydney

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