Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to a research collaboration event co-organised by 
the Naturalism, Modernity, and Civilization International Research Network 
(NMCIRN) and the University of Wollongong: “Liberal Naturalism and 
Non-Scientific Explanations.”

In contemporary Anglo-American discourse about philosophical naturalism, 
liberal naturalism has been articulated as a novel position which makes room 
for phenomena that are neither ‘scientific’ nor ‘supernatural’. However, to 
date, little attention has been given to the form non-scientific explanations 
take. Our Zoom workshop’s aim is to help create new internationally-reaching 
conversations about the nature of non-scientific explanations involving persons 
at the person-level of ordinary language. The event will, therefore, kick-start 
a new avenue of scholarly research and debate on liberal naturalism.

The Zoom workshop is free of charge. However, we kindly ask colleagues 
interested in participating to register:

The Zoom link is available there.

THE SCHEDULE is in 3 different time-zones:

DAY 1, 19th July

Welcome (Talia Morag)

12:55-13:00 (UK) / 07:55-08:00 (US Eastern) / 21:55-22:00 (Eastern Australia)

Cathy Legg (Deakin):

'Not agreement in opinions, but in form of life' - Wittgenstein, Lear, Scheman 
and Yunkaporta on the Limits of Language

13:00-14:00 (UK) / 08:00-09:00 (US Eastern) / 22:00-23:00 (Eastern Australia, 
19th July)

Talia Morag (Wollongong):

The Empirical Status of Transference Explanations in Psychoanalysis

14:00-15:00 (UK) / 09:00-10:00 (US Eastern) / 23:00-00:00 (Eastern Australia, 
19th July)

Naomi Scheman (Minnesota):

Beyond Liberal Naturalism: Toward Radical, Engaged Epistemology

15:00-16:00 (UK) / 10:00-11:00 (US Eastern) / 00:00-01:00 (Eastern Australia, 
20th July)

DAY 2, 20th July

Nancy Bauer (Tufts) & Mark Richard (Harvard):

Austin, Cavell, and Meaning What We Say

14:00-15:00 (UK) / 09:00-10:00 (US Eastern) / 23:00-00:00 (Eastern Australia, 
20th July)

Sofia Miguens (Porto):

Liberal Naturalism and Asymmetries in Thought – Bernard Williams Challenged by 
Cora Diamond

15:00-16:00 (UK) / 10:00-11:00 (US Eastern) / 00:00-01:00 (Eastern Australia, 
21st July)

Sophie-Grace Chappell (Open):

Bernard Williams's Liberal Naturalism

16:00-17:00 (UK) / 11:00-12:00 (US Eastern) / 01:00-02:00 (Eastern Australia, 
21st July)

Best wishes,
Paul Giladi & Talia Morag

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