I represent a group of 6 students from the maths school (FME) of the 
Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya.
In one of our courses we have been assigned to the task of implementing 
QEPCAD in python using sympy. Our goal is to develop a module that can be 
merged into sympy.

We have just started, so our knowledge of QEPCAD and sympy is limited, but 
we expect to success in our goal by the end of the semester. We would 
really appreciate some help to get started.

   - We have seen that QEPCAD was in a GSOC proposal. AFAIK, the proposal 
   was not accepted or the project didn't get finished. Is there something 
   more about it we should know? Maybe some work is already done?
   - We have read that sympy supports python 2 and 3. How does this affect 
   the development process?
   - How does QEPCAD fit into the existing modules ecosystem? Should our 
   work go into its own module or inside an already existing one?
   - What's the merging policy for a new module? One monolithic PR with 
   functional code? Or several small PR that might not be usable yet?
   - Any further help or comments are also welcome :)

Best regards, Ferran.

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