Hi all,
having quantifier elimination in sympy would be great. However, some 
- This is a non-trivial piece of software, I hope your advisor knows that.
- Performance is a key issue. QEPCAD is written in C and still much to slow 
for many easy problems. Why don't you look at RegularChains as implemented 
in Maple? There is a quantifier elimination on top of this (C. Chen and M. 
Moreno Maza. Quantifier Elimination by Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition 
Based on Regular Chains. In Proc. ISSAC 2014, pages 91–98, 2014.)
So, good luck - I'd be happy if something useful comes out of this because 
QE is from my point of view (math education) one of the most interesting 
features a computer algebra system can have but up to now, Mathematica is 
the only system that can be used - and it is far too expensive for wide use 
in education.

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