iterating a little more,

unfortunately the "doit" fails at the next bend...

this code

from sympy import *

u,B = symbols('u B')
e = B*u #here i use an expression instead of a function
s = Function('s')(e)

is expected to give somethign like


instead it fails with the output

*rrossi@PCCB076:~/data/examples$ python3 
B*Subs(Derivative(s(_xi_1), _xi_1), (_xi_1,), (B*u,))Traceback (most recent 
call last):  File "", line 8, in <module>    aaa = { 
Derivative(e,u):symbols('DeDu'), Derivative(s,e):symbols('DsDe') }  File 
line 1070, in __new__    Can\'t calculate %s%s derivative wrt %s.''' % 
(count, ordinal, v)))ValueError: Can't calculate 1st derivative wrt B*u.*i 
guess what i should really do is to subfunction the class as your propose. 
However i do not get how to make it to work. in my case "fdiff" is simply 
not being called

class FunctionWithDerivative(Function):
    nargs = 3
    #first argument  --> the expression
    #second argument --> the variable it depends on
    #second argument --> the derivative       
    def eval(cls,expression,x,D):
        print("--------- in eval -----------------. Looks like here it is 
not creating the object ...")
        cls.expression = expression
        cls.x = x
        cls.D = D
        return cls.expression

    def fdiff(self, argindex=1):
        print("********** inside fdiff ****",self.args) 


u = symbols('u')
e = Function('e')(u)
s = FunctionWithDerivative(symbols('e'), symbols('e'), symbols('DsDe') )



rrossi@PCCB076:~/data/examples$ python3 
--------- in eval -----------------. Looks like here it is not creating the 
object ...
s =  s
diff(s,e).doit() =  0

*and what is the worst... fdiff is NOT being called...*regards

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 8:26:04 AM UTC+2, Riccardo Rossi wrote:
> Dear Aaron,
> your suggestion did work, HOWEVER i had to upgrade sympy to 1.0. It did 
> nothing on 0.7.6 (the default one on ubuntu 16.04)
> only writing here to "document" this behaviour
> regards
> Riccardo 

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