> So how do they deal with merge conflicts in the file? I don't want 
> people to constantly be having to fix their branches because the 
> release notes file has conflicts from another merge. 

I don't know whether there is a good way to deal with this problem(merge 
conflicts). I think " bug fixed " header(in the whatsnew file ) must have 
sub-headers (means module names as sub-header like calculus, core , 
integral, solvers , etc ), so contributors will need to update the 
respective sub headers only( in which issue/bug is related). This may 
decrease the number of conflicts. 

Also contributors must know how to handle the merge conflicts. I hope it 
will not be the problem.


On Monday, 26 September 2016 22:43:16 UTC+5:30, Aaron Meurer wrote:
> Now that GSoC has wrapped up, we should start looking at doing a release. 
> As a start, can people
> - Mark issues and pull requests that need to be completed before the 
> release with the "SymPy 1.1" milestone
> - Update the release notes with changes that have been merged 
> https://github.com/sympy/sympy/wiki/Release-Notes-for-1.1
> Any help you can provide on the above two points (especially the release 
> notes) would be greatly appreciated. 
> Aaron Meurer

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