On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 9:56:16 AM UTC+2, Belkiss Anane wrote:
> Hello! I have SymPy on my computer but it crashed and I'm using  someone 
> else's to do some math problems. Unfortunately, the online SymPy times out 
> really fast. Can someone run these commands for me please?
> from sympy import *
> t = Symbol('t')
> f = 1 / ((1-t) * (1-t**5) * (1-t**10) * (1-t**25) * (1-t**50) * (1-t**100))
> f.series(t,0,784)
> I am just looking for the coefficient of t**783!
> Thank you very much, you'll be saving my night! 
I get  683772⋅t^783, but I have not checked that for correctness.

Kalevi Suominen   

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