Hi Everyone , 

I am Kaushal Kishore , second year undergraduate at the department of 
Computer Science & Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad. 

Listed below are some of my programming skills: 
1.) C/C++ : highly skilled
2.) Python : well versed
3.) Git/Github : skilled
4.) Java : a rookie
5.) Verilog : skilled
6.) Assembly Language : a beginner (currently enrolled in the course)
7.) PHP / SQL : familiar (did a small-project)

Listed below are some of my technical skills: 
1.) Good familiarity with Numpy, Scipy , OpenCV , Tensorflow, and other 
common scientific libraries
2.) FPGA
3.) Computer Vision and Machine Learning : (did many course on coursera and 
4.) Software Development

I have a good mathematical background which includes the following topics:

1.) Calculus : highly skilled
2.) Linear Algebra : highly skilled
3.) Discrete Mathematics : skilled
4.) Data Structures & Algorithms : (currently enrolled in the course)
5.) Graph Theory : skilled
6.) Probability & Statistics : (currently enrolled in the course)
7.) Differential Equations : familiar
8.) Set Theory : familiar
9.) Numerical Analysis : a beginner

Along with the following above mathematical backgrounds. My other areas of 
interest lies in the classical and Quantum Mechanics. Below are some of the 
non-departmental courses which I have completed.
1.) Classical Mechanics : skilled
2.) Quantum Mechanics : (did a introductory course)
3.) Introductory Thermodynamics
3.) Digital Systems : (did a course in previous semester)

Though I haven't used SymPy before, but have a little understanding of the 
library. I haven't contributed to open source yet but fixed some of the 
codes while trying to build some software from its source. As I already 
stated I am skilled in git and github and use it on daily basis to keep 
track my course codes. 

I went through some your project Ideas, there was a section of high 
priorities involving the SymEngine expression solver. I would like to 
contribute in that particular section if selected. Even though the 
expression solver section was quite obvious but I think a little bit more 
information would be needed.

I'm looking forward to contribute to SymPy.

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