My name is Tsenguun, and I'm doing my Masters degree in Computer Science 
currently, and I already have a BS and MS in Structural Engineering.

I wish to contribute to the singularity function of sumpy, and I have some 
other functionalities to propose.

In 2016, sampadsaha metioned the following:

Additional features if extra time (in new PR):

   - Plot the shear, bending, slope and deflection diagrams.
   - See if this works with the units package in the physics package.
   - Compute the strain and stress at any location in the beam.


The calculation of beam's shear, moment, rotation, deflection diagram is 
really interesting for me and I have many experience, since I've taken many 
classes toward Finite Elements and Structural Analysis. 

I've written a python code to do all these and was trying to make a PyQt 
software of beam problems. Essentially the program I was working on 
simulates the following webpage: https://skyciv.com/free-beam-calculator/

If the library would support this, it would be great tool. Note that there 
can be many loads and they can be uniformly distributed, trapezoidal, point 
loads, and even hinges. 

Also, a very interesting thing to implement would be the following: 

Essentially we have predefined commonly used beams that is already being 
solved mathematically accurate. 

Given a cross section, stress, and strain calculation of any point would be 
good thing using finite element analysis or just plain old structural 

Please me know how do I get started on this and see if my ideas are worth 
implementing, or it has already been implemented.

Also, I've created reinforced concrete moment capacity calculating app. You 
can check it out at beam.tsenguun.com We could also do non-linear analysis 
on this one. Currently, its following the ACI standard that is linear 

Thank you.

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