Sure I will look into the way `_tsolve` solves and try to conclude how it 
will be implemented in solveset, meanwhile can you have look at #13045 
I have tried to implement exponential and log solver in it. If it looks 
good to you I can carry out work from there onwards.

On Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 6:01:00 PM UTC+5:30, Amit Kumar wrote:
> Hi Yathartha,
> Thanks for your interest in working on solveset. I am glad to hear that.
> The things you have mentioned are completely worth well over a
> summer. I would definitely focus a lot on transolve. It is the most
> crucial part of solvers. To go about it take a look at the
> _tsolve function in old solve and document each and every aspect
> of how it works, something like this:
> Then see how you can generalise those things to be more modular,
> write down a proper and explicit plan for its implementation which
> includes all the abstractions and functionalities. Then a comparison
> of old approach and the new approach and how it is better. You should
> have a clear plan of what exactly you are going to do to import it to
> solveset. It would be a great proposal if you have answered what, how
> and why of everything you plan to implement.
> Feel free to ask any questions you have.
> Cheers,
> Amit
> On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 6:57:30 PM UTC, Yathartha Joshi wrote:
>> Hello everyone, I am Yathartha Joshi a final year B.Tech CSE undergrad. I 
>> am willing to be a part of GSoC 2018 for the project *Solvers: 
>> Completing Solveset*.
>> Solveset has been under constant development from 2014, and then 2015, 
>> and 2016 and a lot of implementation have been done so far but there is 
>> still a lot of things that needs to be implemented so that solveset can 
>> take over solve completely and therefore this will be my focus during GSoC 
>> period.
>> My major focus during the period will be implementing *transolve, *a 
>> part of which I have tried to implement in #13045 
>> <>, it will include the 
>> following solvers:
>>  - logarithmic
>>  - exponential
>>  - equation solvable by lambertW function
>>  - improving and implementing trigonometric solver
>>  - bivariate solver
>> Apart from these, another group of equations that would make solveset 
>> more powerful can be:
>>  - solving modular equations #13178 
>> <>. 
>>  - solving Abs equations for complex domain. 
>> There are some minor fixes that need to be done in solveset:
>>  - improving set infrastructure (helping #12011 
>> <> to get merged)
>>  - making nonlinsolve more powerful.
>> I guess these are the problems that needs to be done to complete 
>> solveset. I might have left some points here (I will be updating if I found 
>> anything that needs to be done), also feedbacks are appreciated if there is 
>> anything more to be done. Also I have opened discussions here #12243 
>> <> and here #12340 
>> <> for discussing the project.
>> Thanks!
>> Looking forward to feedback and guidance for the project.

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