I am looking forward for some inputs over the idea.Whether this would be 
enough for google summer of code? and are implementations going over this 

Thanks for reading.

On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 11:17:16 AM UTC+5:30, aaris...@iiitd.ac.in 
> Hello All,
> I am Aarish Chhabra, 1st year student, pursuing Computer Science and 
> Applied Mathematics at IIIT Delhi. I have been working over the codebase of 
> sympy from nearly a month and have given some contributions also. Since I 
> have a fair understanding of the codebase of sympy, so I would like to work 
> for GSOC under sympy.
> As I am currently having the Probability Theory course in college, so I am 
> looking forward for the mathematics project of Probability.I have an 
> understanding of the topics that have to be added in the stats module of 
> sympy.
> 1)Multivariate Distributions
> 2)Compound Distributions 
> 3)Random walks
> And I keep reading the reference books for Probability Theory for more 
> knowledge.
> So I want some inputs over this idea.Are implementations going over this 
> idea and whether this would be enough for Google Summer Of Code.

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