There's definitely some stuff I still don't understand about how all this 
I'm going to type out my thought process from what I have tried so far. 

So if I do b.deflection() I can see the deflection equation which has 'x' 
and 'I' as variables. 
If I do b.deflection().subs(x,4) that equation simplifies so that only 'I' 
is variable.
do the above as my 'eqn' and do solve(eqn, I) I get an empty list [].
But that's probably because it's trying to solve the value of deflection 
not the value of I. 

So I need to solve the equation for second_moment
If I do b.second_moment() hoping to get an equation I can solve I get the 
error: 'Symbol' object is not callable

Looking through the beam examples pages I didn't see any of solving for 
anything other than reactions. 
Would you know of any other pages that have examples of solving in Sympy 
specifically within the Beam library. 

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