When trying to use synccalendar, I occasionally get the following:

[INFO @aev] operation temporarily (?) failed, going to retry in 5.0s before 
giving up in 298.7s: REPORT 'check for items': bad HTTP status: <status 1.1, 
code 503, class 5, Service Unavailable>

And then repeats the message with ever growing delays.

Apparently, sync-evolution or the server doesn't like a certain calendar 
entry, and rather than move on to the next, just gets stuck on it.

Sometimes killing syncevolution, and then starting it again fixes the 
issue, and sometimes not. Btw, to kill syncevolution, just using Ctrl-C
doesn't do the job, you've actually got to use the kill command from
another terminal session, or use Ctrl-Z and then kill.

May I suggest three small changes to make this issue much less painful:

1. When such a thing occurs, actually say *which* calendar entry causes 
this. For most practical cases date, time and title should be enough to 
uniquely identify the entry and allow the user to "manually" transfer it 
(i.e. manually delete it on phone, manually change/create it on server, 
and sync it back), or even to allow him to understand what is causing 

2. The message just echoes the HTTP Status line, and not the rest of the 
contents of the server's error page. Maybe the server (MS Exchange via 
davmail) does indeed explain what's the issue with that calendar entry? 
Bad status? Bad Reminder options? etc.? Impossible to know easily, as 
nowadays most server use HTTPs and so even tcpdump wouldn't be any help.

3. Rather than just retrying forever, syncevolution should skip over the 
entry, move on to the next, and repeat in the final summary message that 
such-and-such entry was skipped (and identify the entry as described in
point 1)

Other question: I run syncevolution on a BQ Aquaris E5 phone with Ubuntu 
Touch. Ubuntu no longer supports touch, however, and apt-get upgrade has 
stopped working for a while. So I'm stuck at version 

However, UBports has taken up this task, and I suppose they've got a 
repository somewhere from which to get updates from them. Unfortunately 
there site is silent on that issue, and only describes how to install 
ubports from scratch on a new device, and not how to upgrade an existing 
Ubuntu touch device. Do you by chance know what to enter into 
/etc/apt/sources.list to get updates from UBports rather than from 

Third question: due to this whole dropped support issue, I'm in the 
market for a new phone, and it will either be stock Android or Lineage 
OS (due to current lack of other Linux alternatives :-( ). Does 
syncevolution work on these two OS'es?


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