Roth <> writes:

> Hello Patrick,
> I can't syncronize any more. After 7 years of successful sync via
> Funambol server, it is not working.
> This is the error:
> First ERROR encountered: error code from SyncEvolution error parsing
> config file (local, status 20010): calmobile: backend not supported by
> any of the backend modules (syncxmlrpc, synctdepimnotes, synctdepimcal,
> synctdepimabc, syncsqlite, syncqtcontacts, syncpbap, syncmaemocal,
> synckcalextended, syncfile, syncdav, provideroauth2, providergoa,
> platformtde, platformkde, platformgnome) or not correctly configured
> (backend=calendar databaseFormat= syncFormat=text/calendar

Which SyncEvolution binaries are you using?

The ones from don't work on Debian testing because
Evolution Data Store (EDS) changed its API. I need to update them and do
a new release which Tino then hopefully can get into Debian again. It
was removed because of the Python2 dependency.

Best Regards

Patrick Ohly
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