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Hector Trevino took notes. I'll post these to the repository if no one has any comments.


Syslog meeting notes


Chris went over various outstanding issues/updates

 - use of unicode (see presented slide)

 - SD-IDs (see presented slide)

 - Will it be implemented? -- Angle brackets w/PRI inside or new 


     * Sharon Chisholm - concerned about doing a complete re-do of 

syslog which

       may change in the near future. Too many changes may be dangerous

       since it may go on for a while.

     * Proposal is to update the draft to put back angle brackets around 

PRI - no one objected

     * Put updated timestamp

     * Steve Chang - he feels that keeping the angle brackets will help 

speed up 

       implementations. It also helps as a delimiter for multiple syslog 


     * Sam - these changes are significant and they should not be made 

now. The document

       should be withdrawn from last call, updated, and re-submitted if 

the changes need

       to be made - agreed

     * Richard G. - looking at multiple dimensions (better use of field, 


       will it be implemented). Seems the WG is defining a new protocol. 

Want to be able

       to separate the issues. Want to use syslog in a management 

framework for another

       standard outside the IETF but needed security. 

     * Proposal - separate various issues into multiple docs. 

       Question to mailing list: should a new doc be generated to 

include angle bracket,

       new time stamp, and SD-ID

     * Darrin - should have a syslog receiver compliance doc (accept old 

format - 3164 and

       over time accept new one). Capture evolution of 

protocol/implementations. The protocol

       doc does not appear to be good enough for capturing this. 

     * Steve - Truncate indicator seems to be necessary. Chris - perhaps 

move it from the

       header to the SD-ID

     * Sam - WG is behind on many milestones. Various concerns about 

decisions the WG is

       making at this late stage. CHris - the WG will establish new 


 Alex Clemm - update on signed syslog (syslog-sign)

       Brief re-cap of what the current draft specifies


       sylsog/BEEP - anyone implemented it? Cisco 

       SSH and TLS - should do this in conjunction w/other WGs (NETCONF, 


       Split decision on use of SSH & TLS - take it to the mailing list


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