On Thu, 2011-08-18 at 08:13 -0700, Leisner, Martin wrote:
> I want to use an out of date image -- I'm looking to port to 2.6.34...
> (I even had to start patching the kernel to give me /sys/fs/cgroup -- I don't 
> have the hierarchy under that yet).
> I'm building systemd-5 for starters...(it works somewhat and builds, I tried 
> systemd-15 and had problems).
> It seems the README doesn't look right (it says         
> Linux kernel >= 2.6.30 (with autofs4, devtmpfs, cgroups)
> I have fedora15 running (as a reference of a working system) -- but I would 
> like something older to see if it works.

I have successfully migrated a RHEL 6 based OS from Upstart to systemd,
using the RHEL6 «2.6.32» kernel.

I basically had to apply three patches to the RHEL6 kernel for systemd
to boot properly:
- the patch to move the cgroups hierarchy to /sys/fr/cgroup:
- the patch to have printk not mangle the syslog prefixes (this one is

- the patch to add the 'active' sysfs attribute to tty0 and console:

You can find those changesets in the linux-2.6 git tree, only the third
one took a bit of work to rebase.

After building an otherwise «vanilla» RHEL6 kernel with those three
patches applied, everything seems to work perfectly fine with systemd 32
(although I have to admit I haven't really tested the more recent parts
such as the logind or hostnamed stuff).


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