Op 05-08-13 18:29, Andy Lutomirski schreef:
> The systemd commit below can delay firmware loading by multiple
> minutes if CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER=y.  Unfortunately no one
> noticed that the systemd-udev change would break new kernels as well
> as old kernels.
> Since the kernel apparently can't count on reasonable userspace
> support, turn this thing off by default.
> commit a3bd8447be4ea2ce230eb8ae0e815c04d85fa15a
> Author: Tom Gundersen <t...@jklm.no>
> Date:   Mon Mar 18 15:12:18 2013 +0100
>     udev: make firmware loading optional and disable by default
>     Distros that whish to support old kernels should set
>       --with-firmware-dirs="/usr/lib/firmware/updates:/usr/lib/firmware"
>     to retain the old behaviour.
methinks this patch should be reverted then, or a stub should be added to udev 
to always fail firmware loading so timeouts don't occur.

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