Today, I would want to share dramatic results through your good aids.

Could you visit my blog to check the results?

blog: http://best-dream-boy.blogspot.kr/

(subject: 2013.08.11 - Test1,  2013.08.11 - Test2)

If you visit to my blog, you can see test1 and test2 picture.

Those things were results from my test board.

Since the beginning of my test, I have erased many service units thought as
 unnecessary for working my board.

Yeah, I want to optimize systemd to work my board.

Finally, I got a result like "test 2" picture.

As you see two pictures,  Different things are avplayer.unit and some
device units.

In those test,  I didn't use /etc/fstab in my systemd,

The only dissimilarity was the existence of avplayer unit, and some device
units came up.

I wonder why device unit was appeared in spite of erasing /etc/fstab.

I sincerely ask you a relationship between device unit and boot time if I
remove unnecessary device unit.

And also, can I ask you detail process of  making device unit by systemd?
(I alread read the manual page related with device unit)


Tony Seo.
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