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> For what is systemd using the loopback so that it has to set it up so
> early? Is there any impact when I'm setting up the loopback later. We
> are probably in a situation where we need ipv4 for general purposes
> and ipv6 for only special ones. So we'd like to set up ipv6 later for
> performance reasons, which concerns especially the module loading.

Humm, I doubt that initializing IPv6 early will really slow things down
for you.

The reason we initialize the loopback device this early is simply that
most userspace code simply expects it to be there, and working, and it's
absolutely trivial and fast to do, so we just do it by default, so that
it just works and is nothing the user can manually configure and where
we then have to parse configuraiton files and have another distinct
component running late in boot dealing with this and so on...

It's really something we want to be quick, and always done and
non-configurable and since its a triviality to do we just do it in PID 1...


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