~ I'm getting this on every reload:

systemd[1]: Unknown serialization item 'subscribed=:1.1'

Doesn't seem to break anything though.

~ I'm also getting this on every reload:

systemd[1]: [/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-journald.service:24] Failed to
parse capability in bounding set, ignoring: CAP_AUDIT_READ

I suppose I can ignore the message. I see that cap_audit_read was added to
kernel 3.16, but unfortunately it doesn't exist in the current libcap
release (libcap 2.24).

~ If there are two .swap units for the same partition (one made by
fstab-generator, another by gpt-generator), systemd tries to swapon it
twice, resulting in "swapon failed: Device or resource busy".

This was broken first when systemd-gpt-generator appeared, then systemd was
taught to recognize duplicates, but now it seems to be broken again. (I
*think* it broke around commit 3018d31238caabc2e.)

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