for debugging an ordering cycle during boot I tried to run
  systemd --test --system  --unit=multi-user.target --log-level=debug
as user (as it doesn't work as root).

The result is just:
systemd 210 running in system mode. (+PAM +LIBWRAP +AUDIT +SELINUX -IMA 
Detected architecture 'x86-64'.
Failed to set hostname to <wirth>: Operation not permitted
Failed to open /dev/tty0: Permission denied
Using cgroup controller name=systemd. File system hierarchy is at 
Release agent already installed.
Failed to create root cgroup hierarchy: Permission denied
Failed to allocate manager object: Permission denied

With --used the two "Failed" lines disappear, but nothing else is shown.

This is a SLES 12 system. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? What permissions 
does the user need to run the test mode? Adding him to the root group 
didn't suffice.



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