26.05.2015 19:03, Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Sat, 23.05.15 11:03, Ian Pilcher (arequip...@gmail.com) wrote:

Is there a simple way to make a service require that a specific network
interface/IP address be active?

I have a manually set up bridge and dnsmasq configuration for my VM
traffic, but dnsmasq is getting started before NetworkManager has
configured the bridge and failing because it cannot bind to the bridge's
IP address.

Well, for networkd, there's the systemd-networkd-wait-online tool that
allows you to wait until a specific interface is up. Maybe NM supports
something similar? Please ask NM folks for help.

Also, dnsmasq should probably use IP_FREEBIND or so (at least
optionally) so that it can work without requiring the interface to be

dnsmasq supports "--bind-dynamic" option, which is based not on IP_FREEBIND, but on notifications about new or disappearing interfaces and addresses.

The real problem here is with non-C languages. E.g. node.js, Java, Python 2.7 and even Go still have absolutely no support for IP_FREEBIND.

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