Hello Tom, all,

with 220 I get a severe boot time regression:

  $ systemd-analyze
  Startup finished in 30.751s (kernel) + 11.706s (userspace) = 42.458s

which used to be

  $ systemd-analyze
  Startup finished in 703ms (kernel) + 890ms (userspace) = 1.593s

(this is a VM)

It seems udevd --daemon spends 30 seconds timing out in the initramfs:

  [    0.384519] systemd-udevd[55]: starting version 220
  [   30.736381] systemd-udevd[56]: timeout, giving up waiting for workers to 

and then some more in the real root:

   $ systemd-analyze blame
     10.826s dev-vda1.device
     10.067s systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service
     10.031s systemd-sysctl.service
     10.019s systemd-journald.service
     10.005s sys-fs-fuse-connections.mount
     10.001s tmp.mount

(full journal at http://paste.ubuntu.com/11372265/, but it's not very

I bisected this to

  udevd: move file descriptors to Manager

this is hard to revert individually as there are lots of other recent changes
in udev around this commit, but any version before that commit is fast
and doesn't give that timeout error.

Current trunk as of commit 185abfc3 still has that problem, so it
wasn't fixed by one of the recent udev commits.

Does anyone else see this too? Any idea what causes this?



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