In a home made daemon, I needed to change some variables while
running, so I though about D-Bus as IPC and gived a chance to sd-bus.

Let's say that I'm trying it on a development system (currently a
debian jessie) without any users on it, just root, and some basic
libraries and configuration.

After reading Lennarts article[0] I tried to compile the bus-service.c
example. Here came the first problem:

   Failed to connect to system bus: No such file or directory

Obviously, as the system isn't executing a user bus, the service can't
find it, so I fixed it by changing:

  r = sd_bus_open_user(&bus);


  r = sd_bus_open_system(&bus);

This way it uses a new connection to the system bus instead of the
nonexistent user bus, but it doesn't work either with a new problem
when requesting the name:

  Failed to acquire service name: Permission denied

I was supposed to have the rights to request the name as root (without
any security model like selinux), but I couldn't.

Any hint on what is going on around this problem ?


Best regards,

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