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On Mon, 05.10.15 12:30, Chris Bell (cwb...@narmos.org) wrote:

Hi all,

I have an Arch machine with systemd 226, running an Arch container, also with systemd 226. For whatever reason in 225, `machinectl login` stopped working correctly, and in 226 `machinectl login` does not work properly. It attaches to the machine, but does not seem to redirect stdin and stdout to the machine. When I attempt to use login, the login prompt is never printed
to the command line:

There were some races when machinectl was too fast and the systemd
inside the container too slow. This should be fixed in systemd git,
specifically commit 40e1f4ea7458a0a80eaf1ef356e52bfe0835412e and related.

I've recompiled from git, and the problem has, indeed, been solved! Thank you!

Sorry, I was wrong. I was running 'machinectl shell' without a machine
name, and it spawned a shell for my host machine. Guest machine still
cannot be accessed with 'shell' or 'login' and stdin/out are still
redirected to the journal.

I compiled commit 7a1e5abbc6e741e5b6995288c607522faa69c8b4 (Master)
from the github repo.

So... Downgrading back to 226 on both the host and container... seems to have fixed the issue? No idea why, but now both 'machinectl shell' and 'machinectl login' works. I have no idea why.
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