In RedHat 7 I am trying to setup a partition with dmsetup. I have attached
a tarball that includes three files:

* is a simple script to install everything
* install is the dracut module install
* is the file I want to run at boot time

The module is 99securevm.

Obviously, this has all been stripped down to make it as simple as
possible. Sorry for the hard coding. If you want to test it, you need to
provide a /dev/sdb1 partition that is at least 2G. If you comment out the
`exit 0' in it will setup the partition for you.

Note that if has either the dmsetup or the 2 cryptsetup lines
commented in, it will hang the machine.

I am hoping I have just put something in the wrong place. pre-mount is
where we previously ran the script from.


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