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> From: Jordan Hargrave <jhar...@gmail.com>
> This patch will integrate some of the features of biosdevname into systemd.
> The code detects the port and index for detecting NIC partitions. This creates
> a new environment variable, ID_NET_NAME_PARTITION of the format

"partitions"? What's that supposed to be? SR-IOV?

> The patch will also decode SMBIOS slot number for NIC, and store in
> the variable ID_NET_NAME_SMBIOS_SLOT.  Systemd does not have a method
> for naming ports on a multi-port card plugged into a slot.

Hmm, isn't this stuff the same as exported by the kernel as the
"index" field, i.e. SMBIOS Type 41? Can you elaborate on the relation
of that field and the stuff this patch adds?

> Signed-off-by: Jordan Hargrave <jordan_hargr...@dell.com>

I didn't look too closely in the actual sources, but I did notice that
it is line-broken, and doesn't follow CODING_STYLE in quite a few
cases, regarding placement of brackets, or error handling for

In order to avoid any confusion with line-broken patches, and to make
review easier, please submit the patch as github PR, which is the way
we generally prefer receiving patches these days!



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