Hi Hi,

I'm interested in a small extension around systemd passing a set of environment 
variables to processes executed (mainly what is happening in: 
build_environment(); execute.c)

What are we planning to do:

-          We are planning to have some functionality linked against 
applications started by systemd (in a shared library or so)

-          The purpose of the shared library is to debug out some information 
about the applications state and about the process in general in case

o   The watchdog is not served right in time

o   The READY=1 sd_notify signal is not sent right in time

-          The information must be dumped out before systemd kills the 

To the realization:

-          The involved sd_notify calls are not directly called by the 
application, the application uses an abstraction provided by the shared 
library. The library delegates further respective calls.

o   So we are able to detect when an application serves the watchdog or sends 
the READY=1 signal

-          We need now a way to detect at about 90% of the elapsed timeout that 
the application is not reacting

-          For this, we need to know the watchdog timeout and the startup 
timeout set in the service file

o   The first one is passed as ENVIRONMENT variable by systemd to the processes

o   The second one is not

To the request:

-          Would it be possible to add some code lines to pass the startup 
timeout time as well as ENVIRONMENT variable?

Would be cool.

Thx in advance!

Best regards

Marko Hoyer
Software Group II (ADITG/SW2)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6948

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