I'm running LFS (Linux From Scratch) with systemd-230, compiled from source.  I 
have three LUKS-encrypted devices:
I want to drop into initramfs and do some maintenance work, for which I require 
all three of these encrypted devices to remain active.
I create /run/initramfs with a populated and working initramfs.  I create 
/run/initramfs/shutdown with permissions 0755 and the following content:
#/bin/shexec busybox sh
When I issue the shutdown command I get dropped into the initramfs and I get 
the busybox shell.  Howerver, only /dev/mapper/root (my / ) remains active.  
/dev/mapper/swap and /dev/mapper/home point to non-existent /dev/dm-* block 
Manually trying cryptsetup open /dev/sdaN label just hangs without activating 
the device.
I'm guessing systemd goes on a killing spree and kills all the crypt processes, 
except the ones associated with / (/oldroot in the initramfs).
Is there a way to tell systemd to keep the encrypted devices active, even if it 
unmounts their filesystems?
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