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> I have been moving directories and files between my host and my container
> many times since more than one year with no issues. Host is Archlinux and
> container Fedora 24 (upgrade to 24 is quite recent: no more than 2 months).
> I moved a directory today from host to container and this let me, for the
> first time, with a directory in the container owned by 65534:65534.
> <The UID 65534 is commonly reserved for *nobody*, a user with no system
> privileges, as opposed to an ordinary (i.e., *non-privileged*) user. This
> UID is often used for individuals accessing the system remotely via FTP or
> HTTP[0] >

Uh, oh. My gues is this: you are using user namespaces (wich is the
default these days if you use systemd-nspawn@.service), and I nevre
updated the copy logic in machined to deal with that...

Or in other words, it's a bug in machined.

I filed a github issue to keep track of this, so that we can get this



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