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It's been a while since systemd-bootchart moved to it's own git tree, so it was a good time to get some changes out. I've tagged and released v231 (systemd-bootchart will continue to independently number releases incrementally), Here is a short summary of the changes:

* Switch on schedstat support where needed. (#16) (2 days ago) <Auke Kok>
* missing: define GRND_NONBLOCK if needed (#17) (2 days ago) <Michael Olbrich> * fix bars in process graph without -F (#11) (2 days ago) <Mateusz Czapliński> * Don't take time from /proc/schedstat for processes. (2 days ago) <Auke Kok> * Use `clock_boottime_or_monotonic()` everywhere to pick clocksrc. (2 days ago) <Auke Kok> * configure: add option to not build manpages (#14) (2 weeks ago) <yann-morin-1998> * work correctly without CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG (#10) (2 weeks ago) <Mateusz Czapliński>

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