17.09.2016 14:23, Dark Penguin пишет:
>>> Now that systemd manages the shutdown procedure, I don't know if it's
>>> possible to achieve the same behaviour (and thus make NUT work with
>>> systemd).
>> As already mentioned, it is ouside of scope of OS actually. How you did
>> it before systemd?
> It was actually a feature of NUT - and a default and recommended feature
> at some moment.
> See this, from their FAQ:

So you do not even bother to describe how it worked before so others may
suggest how it can be (re-)implemented using systemd? Oh, well ...

> http://networkupstools.org/docs/FAQ.html#_i_8217_m_facing_a_power_race
> And this - https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=835634
> (there is a link to an old discussion about implementing this feature).
> Now it doesn't work anymore, and I'm trying to find a new solution...
>> systemd supports switching back to initramfs instead of directly halting
>> system. This allows you to implement your logic there after everything
>> is completely shut down and unmounted (you probably need to unmount old
>> root manually though). You can even monitor UPS from initramfs and only
>> reboot when it reports power is back to make it safe.
> This may be the best idea without touching the kernel. But it still
> can't go through the "proper" halt procedure with syncing and unloading
> the drives, correct?..

I have no idea what "unloading the drives" means.
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