I'm not sure if I'm writing to the right mailing list, please
redirect me if I'm wrong.

I'm trying to make some custom initramfs image with systemd and I
encounter very strange behaviour. Namely, when I boot into it with
"root=/dev/hda" kernel command line option the boot process stops right
after "Reached target Basic System" trying to start dev-hda.device, i.e
I see "A start job is running for dev-hda.device (1min 8s / no limit)"

However, if I break the boot process on an early stage and run the
rescue shell, I can see /dev/hda and it can also be mounted without any
problem. But if I 'systemctl start dev-hda.device' manually it also
waits forever.

Have anyone here encountered something similar and what dev-hda.device
unit is actually trying to do? Could you give me any tips for debugging


Anton Gerasimov

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