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> Hi,
> I'm newbie with systemd boot system and I need help in resolving one
> issue.
> I would like to create a service under a customized path Eg:/mnt and
> systemd should be able to pick my unit file from this.
> I tried by setting *Environment=SYSTEMD_UNIT_PATH=/mnt *from the
> console but it didnt help and found the error *"Failed to start
> startup.service: Unit startup.service failed to load: No such file or
> directory."*
> Is it possible to achieve this ?

Not sure if this helps you, i.e. is appropriate for your use-case...

But if the directory happens to be a home directory and the services
are designed to be run as user, you could make the service files go
into $HOME/.config/systemd/user/ (or symlink this to your mountpoint)
and enable linger on the user (loginctl enable-linger $USER).

You can then manage these units as the user through "system --user
{start,stop,enable,...}" (only with real login sessions, not through
sudo -iu $USER, but ssh would work).


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