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> Seems really dependent upon the container layout as to what's the most
> appropriate way of doing that. For instance, if the underlying fs of the
> source container is something like btrfs or zfs you could imagine doing a
> send/recv of a golden snapshot. Possibly also for an lvm volume/snapshot.
> For others rsync might be best. For others maybe it's just a deployment
> script or tar or git repo.

Yeah, to make this clear: I doubt we should really be in the
deployment business too much. That's for other people to solve, for
example rkt.

However, I do think the most basic bits should probably be available,
simply to get developers off the ground for the most basic testing. I
figure that means "machinectl migrate" (as suggested in the other
mail) is really as good as it might get, and anything fancier should
really be left to other projects.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat
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