Hi All,

I'm a newbie and exploring Systemd init system and I have a doubt regarding
how multiple fork() from an application is handled in SystemD environment.

I have application of process A, which forks process B and B in turn forks
another process C like A -> B -> C.

*My systemd service file will spawn the application and starts process A
and I can see that only process B is forked but not process C.*

Below given is my unit file.

*Description=Multiple fork*



Instead of running in a unit file, if I run my application manually all the
processes will spawned.
For Eg :
cd /etc
./A & ---> this will cause all the 3 process to be spawned

Can anyone let me know how to resolve this issue in SystemD ?
Like *"Type=forking", *do we have any other option which helps in achieving
this problem statement.

Raghavendra. H. R
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