Because I had misspelled the word "persistent" as "persisten" (dropping the final "t"), I received the following error:

[ 1.485872] systemd-journald[104]: [/etc/systemd/journald.conf:11] Failed to parse storage setting, ignoring: persisten

Despite correcting the .conf file (/etc/systemd/journald.conf in SuSE Leap 42.1), the error remains, perhaps because the value is cached somewhere in the system, but it is not causing any issues that I can detect. I welcome any suggestions of where to look.

I am aware that I could reload the configuration for journald or the entire systemd. And should neither of those work, I could reinstall systemd.

If I should have posted this on a different list, please let me know (I do have a thread on an openSuSE forum).


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