Hi, I'm running systemd [1] on an embbeded Linux with
read-only filesystem. Due to missing realtime clock,
I'd like to set the clock by either NTP or by hand.

To set the time by hand with 'timedatectl set-time "time"',
NTP has to be disabled, but I cannot run 'timedatectl set-ntp false'
due to the read-only root filesystem.

If I got it right, 'timedatectl set-ntp true/false'
just creates or removes the link

I can create/remove the link by hand too, and after rebooting 'timedatectl status' says NTP enabled or disabled.

So I naively created the following link structure (which works):

/etc/systemd/system/sysinit.target.wants/systemd-timesyncd.service ->
/mnt/writeable/systemd-timesyncd ->

But if I remove /mnt/writeable/systemd-timesyncd and reboot,
the command 'timedatectl status' still reports enabled, which is unexpected.

Do you have any hints or recommendations on this?

Thanks and best regards,

[1] systemd 219
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