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> On Wed, 16.11.16 23:19, Pekka Sarnila ( wrote:
> > Well my first point was that the web page should not say
> >   
>  [...]  
> I now added a small extension to this line: "(to the level the
> firmware permits this)" ot clarify that we are bound by firmware
> limitations for this.

Well, I think here's a common misconception about what people
understand, and what you would like them to understand.

After reading all this I asked myself: What's the point of stable
interface names anyways if it's going to change upon device add/remove?
And I think that's actually the point: Name stability is not for device
add/remove (in an ideal world, it would be). Your intention is to have
stable names across reboots and remove races from device detection.

I think this should be pointed out better. In the common case, with
usual firmwares out there, names change in unpredictable ways if you
swap hardware. This, of course, totally reverses what the man page says
about "even when hardware is added/removed"...


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