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> Hi All,
> I'm in the situation where path of my server changes due to version change.
> I don't want to modify my systemd unit file everytime, instead I want to go
> ahead with my environement file for modification.

Please do not use environment files for that. Simply add or remove
unit drop-in files. i.e. if you want to make minor changes to a unit
file foobar.service then add
/etc/systemd/system/foobar.service.d/50-quux.conf or so, and add the
necessary settings there. "systemctl edit" helps you in doing so, and
make this easy.

> EnvironmentFile=/home/raghu/system.env
> *WorkingDirectory=${SERVER_PATH}*

Please read the documentation about EnvironmentFile=, its environment
variables configured what is passed to the executed processes, and may
be referenced in the ExecXYZ= line, but not in any other configuration
lines. THis is because the precise environment is determined at the
moment of activation, and settings generally have a broader definition
than that.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat
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