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> The question is, will my binary be able to open RS232 port eg. /dev/ttyACM0 
> when filesystem is Read-Only ?

Yes, /dev is unaffected. It's an API VFS, not a real file system, and
those won't be remounted r/o.

> And if it is binary it will need to load some libs at least libc at
> the start.

As long as you use only libraries and other resources from the root fs
you should be fine. But you shouldn't reference /var, /home, /srv or /usr/local 
such, if you want to remain compatible with generic systems.

> The man page you pointed to says the parameter is: "halt", "poweroff", 
> "reboot" or "kexec", so the first two should work for me.

"halt" just halts the system. It shouldn't result in power being
turned off. It will just make the system freeze eventually, that's all.


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