We have a few questions about systemctl and -H option.

It looks like systemctl is communicating with /run/systemd/private in order
to interact with systemd.

However, after you log in the connected computer via ssh, it looks like
it's trying to control systemd by going through systemd-stdio-bridge when
you use systemctl's -H option.

Instead of going through /run/systemd/private, it looks like
systemd-stdio-bridge is going through /run/dbus/system_bus_socket (which is
usually created by dbus daemon) in order to control systemd.

This where we run into the following 2 questions:

1. Is it necessary to start up dbus daemon on the computer we're connecting
to in order to control systemd by using the systemctl -H option?

2. Are we correct in our understanding that /run/systemd/private exists to
control systemctl though the local systemd?

Why does systemctl use the specialized interface called
/run/systemd/private to control systemd?
Why doesn't systemd-stdio-bridge control systemd via /run/systemd/private
like systemctl does?

Any information you can provide about the above would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance for your time and all your help.

All the best,

KLab Inc.
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