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schrieb Wei Liu <>:

> But Olaf needs to know if some of the services like xenconsoled or
> xenstored should be started, and if some of the special file systems
> should be mounted, right? Those aren't tied to hardware in anyway. In my
> view that's the responsibility of the toolstack control domain.

No, I did not intent to make use of ConditionVirtualization= in the
xen*.service files in tools/hotplug/Linux/. That variable can not be used
for this purpose, and the patch would not change that.

In case you refer to the "proc-xen.mount" change from a few days/weeks ago,
this was all about avoiding the error when xenfs becomes an "API filesystem".
With this suggested change the existing "proc-xen.mount units would not fail
anymore because /proc/xen is added to the ignore list.


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