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> 'journalctl -b' does not indicate any related failure.
> Does anyone happen to know what limits a mount point or an automount
> point might have? These systems have plenty of cpus, have plenty of
> memory, likely enough to handle these few fstab entries during bootup.
> Is there a way to boot with debug enabled, but not spam the serial
> console with lots of noise while the issue does not happen?

"resources" is a bit misleading... It's our catch-all result code if
some kernel API returned an error we didn't expect. Most likely
(hopefully?) there's more info about what operation failed in the
logs. Do you see anything there? If you can reproduce it, can you turn
on "systemd-analyze set-log-level debug" before it maybe to get more
detailed output?


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat
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