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> Hello!
> During memory pressure and/or high load, journald may crash. This is
> probably due to design using mmap but it should really not do this.
> On 32-bit systems, we are seeing such crashes constantly although the
> available memory is still gigabytes (it's a 32-bit userland running in a
> 64-bit kernel).
> [82988.670323] systemd[1]: systemd-journald.service: Main process exited, 
> code=dumped, status=6/ABRT
> [82988.670684] systemd[1]: systemd-journald.service: Failed with result 
> 'watchdog'.

This last log lines indicates journald wasn't scheduled for a long
time which caused the watchdog to hit and journald was
aborted. Consider increasing the watchdog timeout if your system is
indeed that loaded and that's is supposed to be an OK thing...


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat
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