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> On Thu, 1 Mar 2018, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> > > The kernel must not set policy on what is a source of wake ups. Setting
> > > this up so that we do not get a regression in functionality compared
> > > to old style S3 (whose policy is in firmware) falls to user space,
> > > more specifically udev.
> > 
> > And where would udev have that information from? I mean, if it turns
> > this on for all devices, then why can't the kernel do that on its own?
> We don't want all devices for which the kernel is supporting wake on idle, to
> act as wakeup device.

But for which ones would you want that?

> Ideally this will be a config option with reasonable defaults.

But why wouldn't that be a kernel option? I mean, so far the goal was
to encode "reasonable defaults" in the kernel itself, so that
userspace is only used when those "reasonable defaults" do not apply
onto one local case.

Really, already for compatibility reasons the kernel should just carry
the "reasonable defaults", so that it's not necessary to match it up
with a udev version that carries the right policy for it.


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