The mention of "systemctl reboot --firmware" in the other thread
made me realize that it would be good to also have a
"systemctl reboot --bootmenu".

First a question about "systemctl reboot --firmware" is this
available to a normal user (through policykit and the user
being on a physical attached console) ?

Because adding an option to the gdm / usersession reboot
menu would require this to be possible.

So about "systemctl reboot --bootmenu", the idea here is
that it would reboot the system into showing $bootloaders
bootmenu, with the countdown disabled.  This is of course
intended for systems with the menu hidden or with
a really short timeout.

Since how to tell $bootloader to show its menu will be
bootloader specific I'm thinking about using a special
target for this, which gets started before doing the
reboot and then bootloaders can drop a (oneshot) .service
file in that target which does whatever is necessary to get
the bootmenu next boot.

So is this something worth considering?


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