On 12-06-18 19:11, Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Di, 12.06.18 11:33, Hans de Goede (hdego...@redhat.com) wrote:
AFAIK the service actually doing the updates is supposed to call
systemctl reboot --force when it is done, so any targets after
system-update.target won't get started ?

True, the service in question could split the reboot call of course,
if it wanted, so that you can plug things in between.

Since in this case we want to increment a boot_indeterminate counter
to indicate the last boot was not a normal boot, so no clear
success status is available I'm fine with the service doing the
increment before the updates run.

So I was thinking about adding a system-update-pre.target
and then in system-update.target add:


Would that be an acceptable solution?

I would rather not modify the existing offline-updates
services because there are 3 of them and I believe it
would be better to do this in a single place.



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