So I went back to default journald.conf and rebooted and still
/var/log/journal is 100% full. So I manually deleted a bunch of files,
getting to 60% full. Reboot again. And now journald does some kind of
clean up, and /var/log/journal is 28% full. Somehow journald would not
delete its own files until I had deleted  a few manually.

The default is too small so for now I've gone back to
SystemMaxUse=1200M which causes systemd-journald at next reboot:

Jul 11 13:34:30 f28h.local systemd-journald[482]: System journal
(/var/log/journal/bbe68372db9f4c589a1f67f008e70864) is 216.2M, max
1.1G, 983.7M free.

Not much to go on.

Chris Murphy
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